Become a REVIVIfy Specialist

If you are a professional detailer and have honed your skills in paint correction, enhancement and coating, you most likely have the skills to become a REVIVIfy Specialist.

The REVIVIfy products are exceptional. REVIVIfy is on the technological edge of surface protection and automotive coatings. REVIVify Coatings are NOT ceramic coatings. They provide greater UV protection, greater hydrophobicity, as well an easier and less time consuming application methodology. Unlike ceramic coatings, they also self-heal.

A REVIVIfy Specialist is a craftsperson who can apply REVIVIfy coatings and take meticulous care and attention to detail in doing so. 

REVIVIfy Australia wants to enhance it's reputation by only partnering with the best Automotive Paint Technicians and Detailers from around the country. That could be you.

You could be a suitable candidate to join the REVIVIfy Australia Team. If you are interested in partnering with us, please make contact via the form below and be sure to include these relevant details.

a. Industry experience, training or qualifications.

b. Products used and Services provided.

Our staff will then be in touch to see how we could help you succeed.

REVIFIfy Coatings - Become a Specialist